Covid-19 Protocols

We are excited to announce all locations are now open.

Members and staff must follow these protocols, not exceptions:

Face Masks

  • We will make stronger measures to ensure that every member and staff are wearing masks at all times.


  • There are no exemptions that can override not wearing a mask while using our gyms.

Social Distance

  • We will be letting members know that they are required to follow safety distancing measures.


1-on-1 Training


  • We have implemented a system where you are paired with a Personal Trainer, who must be at 3 meter distance from the client, to train them.


  • The only time they can come within 3 meters is to correct form of their client.


  • They must not switch clients, or clients switch trainers at any time throughout their session.


Cardio Equipment


  • Cardio equipment will be closed until further notice is given to us. It is hard to monitor and police the cardio equipment with a personal trainer, so we will no longer be operating the cardio section of all locations.



Active Training


  • We are changing our protocol that ALL trainers, paid, and volunteer MUST be providing active training only.

  • No switching between sets, only the client will be working out the entire time, unless in terms of correction.




We will be broadcasting to our members via social media, via announcements on the

microphone every 15-30 minutes, and posted in our gym that all these rules MUST be

followed in order for us to remain open.


We will make members and trainers leave if they are not being compliant to any of these rules posted.


Social Distance


When not actively training, members and staff must be socially distanced no less than 2

meters (6 feet) while BOTH being masked.