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  • I am looking for membership prices. How much does it cost to join?
    It costs as low as $24 bi-weekly for our Gold Membership as well as $35 bi-weekly for our Platinum Membership. For more information on what's included with these memberships check out the memberships page.
  • What different contract lengths does Gold's Gym Calgary offer? Can I pay on a month-by-month basis?
    At Gold's Gym Calgary we have two types of contracts which are a 1 year or 2 year contract. You can either pay these on a bi-weekly payment plan or pay in full.
  • What is your cancellation policy? Is there a fee for breaking my contract?
    There is a $199 fee for breaking the contract. The agreement covers the cost to cancel, how to cancel and more information on any additional termination fees you may incur. ​ If your contract ended and you wish to cancel, you must provide a 30-day notice and send your cancellation request to
  • I need to pause my membership because I got injured or will be travelling for an extended amount of time. How do I freeze my account temporarily?
    You can freeze your membership for a maximum of 3 months a year following the terms and conditions provided in the agreement.
  • Can I go to any Gold's Gym in Calgary?
    Yes, it’s just one more reason to love Gold's Gym! Any of our memberships grant you access to all 3 of our locations in Calgary. As well as many more locations to come!
  • I will be travelling overseas. Do I really have international access to all gyms?
    Yes, you do! We have travel passes that we give our members to go visit different Gold's Gym's around the world.
  • I was charged twice for my monthly bill. Whom can I contact to fix the issue?
    If you were charged twice or believe you’ve been charged extra, our support team can help resolve the issue! Please reach out to our support team and we will assist you as soon as possible or
  • I’d like to update my credit card. How do I change my payment details?
    If you would like to change payment settings, update billing or change the credit card on your account, please contact our Front Desk team.
  • What happens if I miss a payment? Is there a late fee?
    A missed payment may result in a late payment fee. Late payment penalty fees and fines are outlined in your membership agreement.
  • What happens if I cancel the primary account but my family is staying as members?
    If your family add on is wanting to stay as a member then they will now have to become the primary membership holder and will become either a Gold or Platinum member.
  • Can I upgrade my membership?
    Yes, you may request to upgrade through the club at the front desk where you will fill out a form and your request will be handled within 24 hours.
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