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The 12-3-30 Workout is Taking Over Social Media - Is It Worth The Hype?

The 12-3-30 treadmill workout has been trending for nearly four years. If you follow any popular fitness enthusiast on social media, it’s bound to have crossed your feed. So what really is it…?

What Is It?

The 12-3-30 treadmill workout has amassed over 50m views on TikTok. Its premise is simple: walk at 3 mph for 30 minutes at an incline of 12%. This low-impact workout can help build stamina, tone legs and burn calories.

Is It Worth The Hype?

Lauren Giraldo credits the 12-3-30 routine for her impressive 30-pound weight loss, and it's not just her who loves the benefits the results! There are many people who love this routine for its various benefits and the results they see. One of the great things about this workout is that it's centered on walking, making it a low-impact option to keep you healthy. Not only does regular walking have physical benefits, it's also great for your mental health, providing improved energy and stress relief. So if you’re wondering if walking is enough to get in a good workout, the answer is undoubtedly YES.

By incorporating an intense incline into your walk, you'll reap even more benefits than a flat surface stroll. Imagine walking up a steep hill for 30 minutes straight - that's the kind of challenge you'll be taking on with this routine. As you push against gravity, your muscles, especially your glutes and hamstrings, will work even harder. And the real game changer? Walking on an incline also gets your heart pumping harder, making this a low-impact, yet effective cardio workout that's perfect for those who want to avoid the high intensity and strain of running.

The Verdict:

Undoubtedly, the 12-3-30 routine is a great workout that many people love and feel great doing. When you don’t feel like exercising, it’s easy to talk yourself into a 30-minute walk over an intense run, but the incline ensures that you’re fitting in a good burn and some cardio for those who are looking for a challenge. It’s a lower-impact, less intimidating, and friendlier version of those workouts that seem scary or challenging.

The 12-3-30 routine is a great way to get moving and feel amazing, even if you only have 30 minutes. It shows that anyone can break a sweat and improve their well-being with some fun and effective exercises. Give it a try and see how it works for you!

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