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Trick Your Brain Into Better Workouts

Have you ever noticed how much your mindset can impact your workout? Getting into shape isn’t just about strengthening the muscles in your body. Turns out, your brain is the most important part when it comes to exercise.

We get it, life is busy and sometimes you can blink and it’s been months since you’ve done any form of physical exercise. But your fitness and mental health should never fall to the bottom of the priority list.

Us at Gold’s Gym Calgary suggest some easy 4 ways to reframe exercise for better results:

1. Set Small Goals

Set yourself some small goes and work your way up. This means increasing your weight each week or even squeezing in that extra rep each workout. By gradually increasing your targets and consistently challenging yourself, your brain will adapt to the increased effort and transmit fewer negative signals.

2. Positive Outlook

Visualizing yourself after achieving your fitness goals can be incredibly inspiring. Imagine a version of yourself that is healthier, stronger and full of energy.

3. Distraction

Find something enjoyable like watching a video, listening to upbeat music, or tuning into an interesting podcast. It may seem like a small thing, but it can actually redirect your brain and give you the extra push you need.

4. Make an Emotional Commitment

One of the best and easiest ways to develop a consistent exercise routine is by getting involved in something you enjoy. Whether it's joining a personal training program, participating in a tennis tournament next year, or signing up for our Gold's Gym Calgary 10K Run this August, having a specific goal in mind gives meaning to every workout.

If you're feeling unsure, why not reach out to our friendly personal trainers at Country Hills, Northgate, Douglasdale, and soon at Buffalo Run? They can help you discover some awesome mind tricks that can make even the most dreaded exercises a lot more manageable. Don't hesitate to learn more from them!

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