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Sad or Stressed? Discover the Perfect Class to Suit Your Mood

Match your moves to your mood.

Did you know that exercise can help you feel better or make the most of your current mood? The trick is to find a workout that either improves your symptoms or uses them to benefit your body and mind. Whether it's boxing or yoga, you have the power to choose a fitness routine that works for you!

Use our recommendations and discover fun and unique classes we offer at our locations to suit your mood:

Are you SAD? Try YOGA

Engaging in a yoga session that includes stretching and building strength can work wonders for relaxation and finding your inner balance. Deep breathing exercises involved in yoga will also enhance the flow of oxygen to your organs and brain, helping them function at their best. By the time you finish your session, you’ll walk out feeling balanced and confident and refreshed.


Boxing is an awesome way to release your built-up anger and feel incredible at the same time. Make the most of your pumped-up adrenaline and use it for an intense workout while also letting go of that anger.


When there's a rain cloud over your head that's causing you to feel stressed, it's difficult to overcome it directly. The best approach is to find something that can divert your attention. That nervous energy can actually be helpful for cardio, weightlifting or even HIIT exercises. These types of workouts require concentration on the physical activity, giving you a break from worrying about other things.

Are you HAPPY? Try ZUMBA

If you're feeling happy and energetic, why not jump into a Zumba class? The group activities will boost your mood and the positive atmosphere might inspire you to push yourself even harder, burning more calories and getting an even more rewarding exercise session.

Our classes are FREE for every member and are taught every day at all locations. We have a class for everyone. Check them out here:

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